Catering Equipment


Catering Equipment

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33 Gal Black Trash Can

33 Gal. commercial purpose


33 Gal Blue Trash Can

33 Gal. commercial purpose


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Ambiance Heater

BR Party Rental offers Ambiance heaters for rental in the greater Los Angeles Area. Portable ambiance heaters are commercial grade quality. All patio heaters come with a 5 hour propane tank. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Large inventory of patio/ambiance heaters to accommodate any size event. Order online or call today!

  • Heaters radiate 8-12 feet around it's position
  • 5 Gallon Propane tank is not included (7-8 hours worth of propane for heater)


Chafing Dish


Charcoal BBQ Grill




Propane BBQ Grill


Red Ice Bucet


Roll Top Chafer


Sterno Gel


Tacos Cart